Battle Of Thrones

Fantasy food fight! With, you know, the participants being the food.

Don’t worry guys. The animals will be fine…

A Lannister pays his Vets…

the skirt looks great.

I’m laughing way too hard at this.

This is really great. The map in the background, the poor fish of Riverrun, the shifty-eyed Lannister.

Love it.

LMAO I found myself looking for a “Like” button!

What house has the hawk as its sigil?

The hawk is the sigil for the house of Robert/Lysa Tully (the Eyrie).

House Mallister is referenced in the write-up, and their sigil is the eagle. Maybe that’s it? I was wondering the same thing.

Oh. Derp on my part.

I think it’s the Arryn falcon.

Congrats dooomcat!

Nice and timely! Now the wait for next March begins.

Yep. It’s six of the eight Great Houses, plus Targaryen (dragon, former rulers of all of Westeros): Arryn (falcon, the Vale), Baratheon (stag, Stormlands), Stark (direwolf, the North), Greyjoy (kraken, Iron Islands), Lannister (lion, Westerlands), and Tully (trout, Riverlands).

I’m assuming Martell (sun-and-spear, Dorne) and Tyrell (rose, the Reach) were left out because their sigils don’t feature an animal.

House Mallister does have an eagle as their sigil, but they’re part of the Riverlands under House Tully (well, before the Red Wedding anyway).

Fun fact: there are Seven Kingdoms yet eight Great Houses because the Iron Islands and the Riverlands used to be ruled jointly as the Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, but the Targaryens split them up when they conquered the area and wiped out their ruling family.

Because I clearly have too much time on my hands and the kind of brain that remembers totally useless information better than things like birthdays and when my library books are due, I can also list all their House words! :smiley:

Targaryen: Fire and Blood
Arryn: As High as Honor
Baratheon: Ours Is the Fury
Stark: Winter Is Coming
Greyjoy: We Do Not Sow
Lannister: Hear Me Roar!
Tully: Family, Duty, Honor
Martell: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Tyrell: Growing Strong

The design is great, but I would kinda love it if there was an angry-looking flower beating up the trout or something.

Yes, and a grimacing sun aiming a spear at somebody.

Love it!!!

Or a flayed man wandering around looking for some skin.

Brilliant! And the comments just added to the joy of the shirt XD

Great job and lots of props to the artist!