Battlefield 1 Collector's Set (No Game)

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Battlefield 1 Collector’s Set (No Game)
Price: $17.99
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I find it absolutely hilarious that you’re selling this without the game. What happened to all the games? Sold them separately even though they have to have the “not for resale” on them to prevent people from scamming retailers with returns?
This seems like an ebay seller’s shady move.

Are the games included?

[MOD: No game included.]

So today we can buy a game without a game, or a SOG pocketknife without a knife.

Here’s the announcement about it on the EA site. You can see that they offered a version without the game.

If you want to take up the scamming claim, best start with them. Would love to hear what you find out. :tongue:

It is not a game. This is the version that sold without the game. From EA: “…one that comes with no game at all (in case you want to get Battlefield 1 digitally but still want an awesome 14” statue).”

And the SOG is a multi-tool as stated in the title. It does not say it’s a knife. :tongue:

OK, that’s fair enough. I didn’t research the product enough and haven’t actually seen something like this before without at least a digital code for the game.

Then again, this is EA we’re talking about. I guess this would be the kind of thing they’d try and it’s no wonder you got the excess that didn’t sell because it’s a ridiculous idea.

Maybe this is a dumb question but, what gaming system will the DLC content be for?

This is for collectible items only. No game.

Messenger pigeon tube with exclusive DLC content

I think the DLC code is redeemable in all versions, because you redeem it in the game. Which is not included. :wink: But the DLC is.

Ah, good catch. I reckon you are correct.

If there’s no game then what’s inside the steelbook, is it just a empty case?

Can I play with the box?

This seems like a customer service reps worst nightmare. Godspeed to all of you who will be answering “But does it come with the game?” all day long. Also, I find it funny that it’s in electronics and it doesn’t contain anything electronic.

The reason they do this is so they don’t overprint for one system. For example, if you want the PS4 version of the collector’s stuff, but only the PC version is available, you end up overspending. Or. . .you may buy the digital version but want the collector’s stuff. It seemed weird to me, too, until I heard the explanation.

I remember thinking when EA announced this SKU last year, “I can’t wait to see it on Woot in a few months.” Ahhh, how time flies.

The DLC content; is it just the exclusive pistol or does it contain the season pass? I know this was a special collectors edition, but in the past collectors editions were the most expensive because they contained all deluxe edition and collector’s edition stuff plus season pass.

As TT has said, there is no game, because these are all the leftover collectors sets that they had for people that purchased the digital version of the game. As we all know, some things Woot carries are overstock items, which this apparently is.