Battlefield NERF

I picked up both the Rayven CS-18 and the Barricade NV-10 in the previous woot offering of some of these, and both have been good fun so far. Very tempted to get the others here as well now!

My one note with the CS-18 is that the hatch above the magazine has a tendency to pop open mid-shooting, which is a cutoff switch for the motor, but that’s easily fixed by holding it in a way that keeps it closed. The hatch of the NV-10 slides closed much more securely, so hasn’t been a issue.

My boys got a 2 pack of the proton guns for Christmas and they are definitely powerful guns. My boys are 7 and 3 1/2 and I think these are a little too powerful for kids their age. The discs (here for $4 for 10) are pretty hard… they have a plastic center with a firm foam edging. When they first got them, my younder son accidentally shot it at the window and it was louder than the suction cup bullets and the disc hit so hard that it came almost all the way back to my son.

Oh so tempting! My family of “big kid” adults likes to have NERF battles at Christmas.

The fun of cleaning after is finding darts in unexpected places. Sometimes I find them months later.

got the vigilon. my wife will probably break it or shove it somewhere uncomfortable.