Baxton Studio Desks and Storage

Really want one, except I’m moving in 2 weeks… If I were to purchase one but cannot receive it until August 9th or 10th, can Woot hold it for me for delayed delivery?

How is this shipped? Can I opt for a delivery option?

These are drop shipped directly from the vendor. Mostly likely via FedEx. We don’t have different delivery options. Sorry.

Does anyone know on the Baxton Studio RT219-TBL Mott Desk, what are the dimensions on the shelves? I’m wondering if it’s big enough to put my computer case on that bottom shelf.

Hello, I work for the vendor and here are the measurements:

Desk Dimensions: 64W X 30D X 29.125H ,Upper Shelf(left and right) dimension:15.75Wx19Dx6H Lower Shelf(left and right) dimension:15.75Wx23.25Dx16H

Baxton Studio IS-1 Hexham Rolling Display Shelving Unit

Can this unit be built to slant the opposite direction?

Yes it can be built to face the other direction.

On the Barnes bookcases, what is the weight limit per shelf? In other words, if I fill a shelf with books will it bow?? I looked at the main site, and couldn’t see a limit or recommendation there either.

If you will be storing books on the shelves, we recommend that the weight does not go over 85 lbs for each shelf.

I had the same question, and when I had read that the back side was not finished I had my doubts about it being used the other way around.

I just got the laptop tray table and I swear the holes underneath the top are drilled incorrectly. I can’t get the top affixed properly. Am i doing something stupid?

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues while setting up your purchase.
I tried searching for a customer contact link for Baxton, but wasn’t able to find one.

I recommend that you write into Woot Member Services at and inquire on how to reach Baxton Studio.

I think I got a bad one. I had my handy man look at it and he also says it’s faulty. Its a very nice table and I’d love it if it would assemble properly.