Baxton Studio Furniture



Just bought the Baxton rocking chair a few days ago from Amazon, sigh, wish I had waited. Better deal here!


How high and low do the bars tools adjust to?


The Le Corbusier Style Chair White is on Amazon for only $10 more. I expect more from Woot.


Did you get it yet? It looks super-comfortable.


200lb limit for the Sovie chairs? is that accurate?


Can you tell me if the acrylic coffee table has a weight limit on what it can hold?


That is the info that we have from the vendor.


Wait, there are weight limits available for these? Is there one for the stools? I’m fascinated, yet afraid of a clear plastic stool.


yeah, you should definitely talk to a doctor about that. pretty sure it’s not supposed to be clear OR plastic.

i’ll see if i can find out about weight limit info.


Does anyone know if the Baxton Studio DR82138 Accent Chair White Set of 2 are stackable. thinking of getting for extra seating at holiday table…? thx.