Baxton Studio Seating

Anyone have some experience with these/this company? are they qualit knockoffs?

We have several Baxton chairs and they are of decent quality. The only problem we had was that a screw wasn’t machined properly so had to request another screw. Otherwise they look great and feel quite solid especially the Bertoia wire chairs.

Bertoia did not design this knockoff.

I bought these last time they were on Woot. They were packed so poorly that they were damaged during shipping. Thankfully Woot would not replace the chairs as I found Herman Miller Caper Chairs online for $125. They arrived beautifully packaged with free shipping to boot.

Has anyone actually had a shipment arrive… or ship for that matter?

I got a tracking number back on the 9th, but it still doesn’t show any movement.

If you’re not seeing any update on your tracking number I would recommend writing into Woot Member Services at and letting them know. They should be able to settle out the issue.

Yep. Did this.

Waited until the 17th (week after I first got tracking) and they said to e-mail them back on Tuesday if nothing showed up.

E-mailed when nothing showed up and was told to e-mail Wednesday if I didn’t hear back from them. I e-mailed Wednesday and have yet to get a response.

This gives new meaning to being “The First Sucker” (…and not in a good way).

Eghhh. That’s no good. I’m sorry to hear that you’re still awaiting an answer.
I’ll go ahead and forward your post onto Woot Member Staff and see if I can’t find you a resolve.
Thanks for your patience during this matter.

You should either receive a response here or via email. Remember to also check the spam folder of your email provider as sometimes their responses get filtered there.