Baxton Studio Simms Shoe Cabinets - Your Choice

**Item: **Baxton Studio Simms Shoe Cabinets - Your Choice
Price: $119.99
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Condition: New

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OK reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) on the two drawer cabinet over at The O

So if you get the two-drawer in multi, which two colors do you get? Orange and yellow? Green and yellow? Green and orange?

Are we still in the 70’s and the last 30+ years was all just a dream?

Any pointers on men’s shoes, size 12? This would be great to have but not if only 4 pairs of my shoes fit.

Its cheaper at amazon

And has a 2star rating

[MOD EDIT: The link is for the two drawer version, different price]

This looks like a great idea and I am tempted. But, most of my “shoes” are lace up work boots to support my bad ankles. I’m sure they will not fit oriented as in the pictures. I’m thinking, though, that if the divider is removed and the boots are put in horizontally, maybe it’ll work for me? I could really use some better storage than the floor of my closet since the dog’s easily gain access.

There aren’t any two drawer multi-colored offerings today…and to answer your question about the 70’s: YES.

Actually, Woot’s price is better. The Amazon listing is $119 for the two drawer version, Woot is selling the three drawer for that. Your link does provide some pretty negative reviews about the product, though.

Sooo, 6X3 is approximately 18.

Someone wondered about mens size 12… I wonder if my big 14inch feet shoes will fit in any of these because I really would like to hide the tons of shoes I have visibly out in my room on cheapy racks.

I have a similar shoe storage thing from Ikea-

i have had it for 3 years and it’s in perfect shape. It’s a great way to get all the shoes out of the way. This one also fits size 13-14 shoes.

I’m trying to figure out what country you live in that measures shoes in units such as “14 inch feet” ? Where ever it is - I doubt woot ships there - sorry.

Amazon reviews aren’t good, says front-heavy and dangerous. Worrisome. :frowning:

Better (and more) options at IKEA. Around the same price, too.

Woot’s got a fair good amount of inventory on these. It’s part of the Imelda Marcos estate.

I would have to agree with the IKEA thinking here. This doesn’t really seem to be a stellar find considering what it’s made out of and the price. IKEA or similar stores will have similar products for a similar price.

Wootlandia dear sir! Magical place!

My thought exactly. 12.3" is most of an inch too short for my sz 12s, only my slippers are 12" exactly.

As organized as I would like to be, shoes always end up on the floor next to the shoe cabinet.

I am considering getting just a large, attractive wicker basket to keep by the door.