Baxton Studio Storage

What is the shelf weight limit for the Barnes Six-Shelf Bookcase and the Rupal Display Shelf?

Considering using it as part of a home bar, but that would mean each shelf could be holding 50+ lbs… reluctant to buy unless I get confirmation that would not be an issue.

I work for the manufacturer, the weight limit for the Rupal shelf is 150LBs, and the limit for the Barnes six-shelf is 200LBs.


That’s for the entire unit, correct? Is there also an amount each individual shelf would be rated for? Based on the overall limit, I’d guess ~30 lbs or so per shelf, but I’d love to get confirmation.

Thanks for answering questions here!

And Woot gods, is there any chance of lowering the price so we could at least get the price that Baxton Studio has on their own website? It seems disingenuous to say “40% off!” when Baxton themselves sell every single item for less in their outlets.

See the six-tier bookshelf, for example. Yes I know shipping cost money also, I’m just pointing it out.

How close is Braxton studio’s dark brown to black? I have black couches and I want to make sure they would match. Can I see a comparison of the dark brown next to the black in a color swatch? To me they seem as if they are the same.

I agree the pricing does not seem correct… I will be buying off of the Braxton full site

There is no shipping at Baxton Outlets, only local pickup.

Yes that’s for the entire shelf.

Everything on the Baxton Studio website is for local pick up only. We do deliver with an extra cost but only to the surrounding Chicagoland areas. A lot of the items are open box items. Everything on Woot is brand new.