Bayit 1080p IP Cam

Does anyone know how many minutes/Gb you can record on an SD card?

It would depend on the size of the SD card. They come in different GB sizes. 16GB, 32GB, etc.

Gb/min would not depend on the size of the card, of course.

I misread that.

“Returnable 90-Day”?
Not Woot’s usual policy.

Will you be able to get us an answer on that? Thanks.

I can’t find anywhere that leads me to believe this camera works with the Synology Surveillance station. :frowning: I’ll keep looking…

This product looks interesting. Does it have a feature where any movement in room notify’s the owner on his i phone or computer?

I just found HERE the following answer: “You can set the camera to record when motion is detected or full time (Micro SD card required). You can use any Micro SD card (class 10+ is recommended) up to 64GB. You can get 35-40 hours of recording the camera will automatically rewrite over old data. There is a Micro SD card slot in the back of the unit.”

Other brands require you to have a dedicated web server like Blue Iris running on your own PC or to subscribe to a cloud service.

Bayit implies you can view it from anywhere. I did not see a discuss of triggers.

When I went to their support page it was not running and gave an error message. Place Holder – DO NOT DELETE – osTicket-WP-Bridge

Anyone know if you can make this stuff work on Micasaverde or at least if the webcam has an IP address you can directly connect to out side the app?

Android app and setup video here

ONVIF support? Will Blue Iris work with this thing?

Was wondering the same thing.

Looks like it might be ONVIF compliant.

"This camera is also ONVIF compliant, so I was able to use it with IP Cam Viewer Pro for iOS, and ONVIF Viewer for android. It’s just nice having more options beyond the Bayit app. "

Really good price compared to Amazon and Home Depot.

I had not problem and found their manual
it says only 32GB is supported.

That’s actually the manual for an older model, so the one Woot is selling might take 64Gb.

(Edit: on Amazon Bayit answers a question “This camera can support any micro SD card up to 64GB. Class 10 and higher are recommended for best results.”)

Any luck with Synology? I have a Synology NAS as well and am trying to hook it up. Haven’t had any luck yet.