Bayit 1080p IP Cam


Does this camera work through a URL too or just through the Bayit app? I’m seeing conflicting answers on Amazon and elsewhere. Anyone know for sure?

Can the camera be wall and ceiling mounted - nothing is mentioned !

Does this always have to be plugged into wifi or just on setup

I just read the app views for Iphone. There were only seven but they weren’t too good especially regarding wifi capability. Can anyone speak to the wifi capability firsthand?

Bought three of these the last time they were offered. As far as the camera goes, I give them 4 stars (out of 5). Customer service, -10 stars (yes, MINUS 10). I have submitted two trouble tickets and an email (since Jan 16, 2016) and have had no response to any of them. Customer service is NON-EXISTENT. Buy at your own risk.

Have not found a way to see other than with the app.

Either one. Comes with a bracket you can use to do that.

Just on setup.

Connected to our cable (15mbps) works great. But we tried it on 6mbps and it did not seem to work. Going to try it with Hughesnet this weekend (1.5mbps). I am not hopeful.

I have a standard def version of this camera. It broadcasts on your local network over port 81 (I think the specific port is configurable during the setup). I have a static ip assigned to the camera and then forwarded the port through my router to access the camera via url instead of through the app (so that I’m not using my phone data if I have a pc available).