Bayit 1080p IP Cam

Don’t buy this- I got one a few months ago- it didn’t work so I sent it to Bayit and they never sent it back- they don’t return my emails anymore. They just ripped me off.

We have two of these and they work really well. I even found a Windows version of the app to use at work, so I don’t have to run down my phone battery.

Can I use this with Google hangout?

I got one of these last time. It works ok. A little buggy. Sometimes the feed freezes when you’re watching a live feed with audio, and then it takes a few minutes to re-establish itself when you relaunch the app. Good picture when it’s working. Depending on your application, may be a good deal for you. I haven’t played around with alerts and motion sensor, as a security cam I would recommend just putting a micro sd card in it and setting it to record constantly.

Hi, I am terribly sorry about the experience you had. I want to take care of this for you asap. Can you send over your ticket number with support and send me an email right away so we can get this taken care of for you? Please send an email to

I sent you an email today. Because of the issue in the past I will not hold my breath. It would be nice to be surprised.

Where would I find that windows program? Thanks!
Downloads tab