Bayit 1080p IP Cam

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Bayit 1080p IP Cam
Price: $49.99
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Required app had so many permissions, a lot of which are privacy nightmares. Their app requests permission to read your browsing history and bookmarks as well as all the apps you have running on your phone. It can also download whatever it wants whenever it wants… And see your phone calls and logs.

Outdoor use?

Thanks for the heads-up! Browser history?? Run!

I have about 4 of these across my house and my parents house. They are very reliable and easy to install. The app works great, and they take micro SD cards up to 32 I think for storage. Well worth the $50!

Security Alert! Check this out on You Tube before buying!

Short Summary: There is a web interface on port 81 by default that the documentation does not tell you about. There are additional settings including 2 preconfigured user accounts. One of them is user/password user/user. So if anyone gets your external IP they can go to that on port 81 and enter user/user to log in to your camera.

I have multiple brands of IP cameras and the first thing I do is change any user accounts and the default ports. The issue here is that the instructions that come with the camera only show using the BayIt mobile app. Nothing about the web interface. The 2 preconfigured accounts are not accessible in the app so unless you know to look for them, they will just be open.

I have 3 of the Bayit Cam BH1818 that I got from wOOt. They have the same web interface and users. Since I always look for user accounts and ports I found them during initial setup. If you use IP cameras of any kind, make sure you find the web interface and look at all of the settings even if you don’t think they apply to you. You might find something that you didn’t know was there. Always change the default user/password. If you can change the name admin to something else, that is highly recommended. If not, make the password VERY strong. For example, my password is… Uh, never mind. Ports can be challenging if you are not familiar with port forwarding in your router but always remember, Google is your friend. I have never had a camera setup issue that I couldn’t resolve with a Google search.

Hope that helps!

I’ve got two of these hooked up in the house at the moment (bought a few too many so I’ve got two I haven’t hooked up as well). We are very pleased with the product - it lets us keep an eye on the baby - and also lets my in-laws look in on her from Italy as they set up their phones to work with the camera when they were here visiting.

Not recommended. If you live somewhere with moderate temperatures and can place it under cover it might be OK but it is not water, weather, humidity or bug proof. Also, outdoor cameras often have stronger signal and more or brighter IR LEDs. You might be disappointed with this camera outside.

I have one from a previous sale, well the replacement one for the one from a previous sale. Actually, it’s the second replacement one for the one from a previous sale, since the first replacement one for the one from a previous sale was lost in shipping.

Meh, it was a gift.

We have 2 of these, and have been satisfied with them. They released a firmware update in the last couple weeks to address a (the?) security vulnerability.