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Bayit Home Automation - Your Choice
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Check out the product page for the wi-fi camera and lets learn all about Bayit Home Automation

Anyone know how the Bayit lighting compares to the Philips Hue system? It’s about half the price (for 2 bulbs vs. 3 though). Wondering if it’s the same quality. Not too many reviews out there.

These are actually sold under many brands: milight, limitlessled, etc. All from the same chinese manufacturer ( You may found more reviews and useful things looking for these brands or even better prices such as or if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks directly on aliexpress.

As for the Hue comparison, light wise they are comparable. Functions wise Hue are nicer. Hue are zigbee, so compatible with many other devices using the same mesh network.

If you have some fancier home automation plans (smart things, wink, etc) hue are actually able to communicate with more hubs and are able to answer what is their current state (on, off, white, color, etc) these are not. You can blindly send them commands but that’s it.
You can control each Hue bulb individually. For these you can only control 4 different light groups. Each group can be of many lights, but you will not be able to control each light individually if you have more than 4 lights (1 by group).

Are you able to record the video stream to watch later?

Are these Zwave devices?

I need a 3rd bulb. Anyone know where you can buy more bulbs? I have been searching and I only see the starter kits.

For the socket, same price with free shipping over at StackSocial:

Ordered one of these last week to compare to the Ankuoo NEO PRO Wi-Fi Smart Switch I just purchased from the MotherShip. Sorry I can’t tell you more because I haven’t received it yet. The Ankuoo didn’t connect for me right out of the box and I haven’t had the time to do any troubleshooting with it.

So if there’s a couple apps to control the lights, is there any way as a programmer that I can leverage similar code or API to experiment with them?

Would be a fun programming experiment to get them reacting to music/sound, etc.

Minor correction, you can add as many wifi controllers as you desire.

Its a very simple setup, you put the controller on your network via 802.11b/g and n if you get the latest version. Then send it simple UDP packets to control the groups on each controller. There is no feedback as previously noted.

Nope, they are proprietary 2.4Ghz controlled, hence the need for the wifi controller that bridges them to your LAN. From there its simple UDP packets to control the groups on x number of controllers. There is no feedback from the LEDs.

"Bayit Cam HD allows you to keep an aye on your Home, Baby, Pets or Office. "

Thar be pirates keeping an aye on yer stuff!

Had they been Z-wave, I’d have been all over them, nice price points, but if I can’t use them with my existing mesh net, not worth it.

Just look for another brand name online (plenty of Milight on Amazon). They will be 100% compatible.
You can also add a physical remote, LED light strips controller, 6W bulbs, etc)

Quickly inconvenient but that’s right.

Awesome. Thanks!

If I live in Indiana and travel to Virginia or other places in US can I still see what is going on in my house with this camera?

Ok, I got the camera. Does anyone know how to view a camera from somewhere else in the world? I can view it while I am on the same network but that kinda defeats the purpose (which is remote viewing). The web site didn’t have any info that I could see…

Try this:
Go to your browser (suggest Firefox) and type in the IP address of your camera, example:
Using port 81, the camera has embedded cam-viewer interfaces for most browsers , mobile phones and I- devices.
User Name: admin
Password: admin
Once you are logged in you can make a ton of changes and adjustments.