Bayit Switch Wi-Fi Socket, White

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Bought two of the Bayit Switches on here months ago. These things work VERY wonkily!!! Its a crapshoot if they work wi-fi at all. Unless they update the firmware on these things don’t expect success using these remotely!!!

Bayit and Switch?

Belkin makes a device called the WeMo switch which has been around for a while and looks oddly similar to the BayIt… WeMo is pretty reliable and about the same price on sale.

Wemo looks identical to this item! Any idea if Amazon Echo will work with this wifi switch? does any wifi switch work with echo?

Also, reviews of wemo on the parent company are mixed at best.

Just started upgrading some of my switches and plugs to z-Wave things. Did some research on them. In the photos it shows a coffee maker plugged into one of these smart switches. I’m not so sure the coffee maker pictured would function as someone who didn’t really think about it would think. Does your coffee maker spring to life and brew you a cup as soon as it is plugged in or recovering from a power outage? Probably not. The one pictured would just need the clock on it reset. While I’m sure they mean well, it’s a bit of false advertising to think that you’d be able to start a brew before you step out of bed by switching on this outlet.

Amazon doesn’t list it as working. I agree it looks just like the Wemo in basic shape but unless someone has made it work, I don’t trust it to.

I have been looking for a WiFi switch for my airplane’s preheater so I can turn it on before I leave the house on colder days. Unfortunately most I have found either require a control hub or have the same crapshoot reliability that you mentioned. I am considering the WeMo but i need to do a bit more research into the hub it uses.

Bought the switch from the Amazon mothership a few months ago. Does the job OK for me - use it to turn the xbox on/off when kids playtime is over. I’d say I get 95% reliability when on the home Wifi network, about 80% when using over a cell connection (eg LTE). Also has a countdown timer function that is really useful, as in “you’ve got 10 more minutes, then the XBOX is off!”.

Excellent customer service!

Bought 3 switches. They worked for 2 months, then simultaneously stopped working. Contacted customer support, and they solved the issue in under 24 hours. I am very pleased with the product and customer service.