Bayou Fitness 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbell

Buy three, and you get 150+ibs shipped for $5! Great deal if any!

Here is the Product Page with some info, reviews, and the video and some Positive Feedback with 4.5 star avg

Lots of very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Amazon says that these can do 5-pound increments from 10 to 50, but Woot says only the 10-pound increments. Which is it?

Two good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

May I get a tester set since I’m helping you promote the $5 shipping even if you go up to 150+ pounds please?

We are right. 10 lbs adjustmentsunless you want them lopsided, I guess.

Just bought 2 of these, but I’m curious as to what we are actually receiving… The product description and video says they are Bayou brand, but the dumbbells shown are XMark dumbbells -

We are checking into this. It may take a bit to figure out. We will post as soon as we resolve it.

You are right. It even says XMark on the sides of the dumbbell in the picture. I think it’s still a pretty good deal whether it’s a Bayou or XMark Fitness. I wish I knew which one is the better quality brand though. Looks like XMark comes with plastic parts and the Bayou with metal parts. Maybe something to consider.

I own these:
…which you can catch on sale for as low as $225, (and return to any Sears if there’s issue) and they blow away this woot offering.

You used the correct word in the Sear’s description, set.

Can I also buy one weightlifting glove to go with my one dumbbell? Seriously, what kind of knucle-head sells these type dumbells al-la-carte?


So are these bayou or xmark?

I’ve got a set of these that I purchased from Amazon last year. They are not bad quality and are great when you need a set of weights without a lot of room to spare. Only complaint is they are rather bulky and some exercises feel awkward.

** This is a Bayou Fitness Dumbbell**

Just got confirmation that we are selling a Bayou Fitness Dumbbell.

We are working to get the photos replaced. (UPDATE: Photo is now correct)

The main difference is that the Bayou has metal selectors rather than the plastic on the Xmark.

So this offer is per each and not per set. Is that right?