Bayoutech 105W Solar Panel Kit

Kinda pricey for a 105watt panel. Guess you are paying for the portability. Not much online about these but lots of other 100watt panels that are not so portable for less then half the price and they come with charge controllers, etc.

Hey there! Thanks for pointing out the unusually high price.
We have actually dropped the price from $349.99 to $269.99.

That’s the price it was supposed to be in the beginning, but we had a mix-up while setting up the event.

Without your comment we probably wouldn’t have noticed, so thank you!

What is included? Just solar panels and a pouch?

It’s includes the solar panels in the pouch. Here’s the product page with different photos.

Thanks… And not trying to jack down the price even lower but on the mother ship, they have this, which is cheaper and comes with a charge controller. 20 bucks cheaper and free shipping. I’ve got a couple of portable panels already (20w) I use for camping (so not trying to get a deal for myself) but just wanted to point out the alternative similar unit/cost.

Well, snap. That’s not good.

The great people at Bayoutech saw your post and gave us a better deal.

You’re going to buy 3 now, right?

If I was in the market, at least one LOL. Like getting that charge controller though. Saves me a trip to harbor freight :wink:

Output voltage is 36V. If you want to use this be sure to use a quality MPPT charge controller for charging 12V systems. The controller will have to accept a wide voltage range input and convert back to 14V-ish to charge a 12V system.