Bazooka 8" 50W Complete Bass Kit



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Bazooka 8" 50W Complete Bass Kit
$98.99 + $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Welcome back, Bazooka. Can I use you with my iPad?


If this were an ACTUAL bazooka, I might be interested…


An excellent traditional gift, the “Bazook de Noel” is often burned at midnight on the solstice to commemorate the MTV Video Music Awards.


Nice! I needed something to go bump in my trunk.


How do I catch bass with this? Do I bazooka them right out of the water?

Does it work for sea bass as well as freshwater bass?


These fit pretty good underneath a back bench seat of a Ford F-150 Extended cab truck. The sound is decent too.


Is “bumping” still cool at age 30?.. no. I didn’t didn’t think so.


Oh good. Another Bazooka item. What ever happened to LED Flashlights during woot-offs? Regardless, poor experience with the build quality out of the box for Bazooka products. Amp loose in tube, torn wires, etc. Bazooka replaced within a month, replacement had same issue! Bazooka refused to replace second time and refunded my money. Spent 45 days with a mostly built stereo - went with a Polk sub and a decent box and had no issues.


Grumble grumble g0dd@mn kids Grumble Grumble


I was pimping these in my Isuzu I-Mark in 1994… wow, they still make them.


lol… 100% bought 1… 30% left… woot