Bazooka 8" Compression Horn Tubbies

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Bazooka 8" Compression Horn Tubbies
$139.99 + $5 Standard OR $17 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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So… fish speakers?


Pause while everyone tries to figure out what this is. NOT iApple compatible.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for a good deal on horn tubbies.

for communicating with dolphins…or whales?

Marine speakers for mounting on your boat. So the people you are towing can hear the music.

Angry Birds is so fun on these.

What the HELL is that?!

I think these are meant to be hooked to a surf board or something. I… guess I am getting old or something.

Looks like high-powered, weatherproof, directional speakers, for use on boat, truck, etc. $300 at Amazon.

They appear to be for Jet Ski’s boats, Jeeps , ect… I guess…

“… tubbies make the hard core boarders ride more intense”

That didn’t help me figure out what these are.

Anyone else laugh at the word “Tubbies”?

Can they cook bacon?

Also, found on the manufacturer’s website.

glad to know I was not the only one.

Down side is you need to buy the mounting hardware separately to use them…