Bazooka Mobile Audio

Huh. I guess “mobile audio” means something different to Woot than it does to me. I always figured “mobile audio” was something I could carry around in my pocket, or at least with one hand, and plug my mobile audio player (read “phone”) into. This is “car audio,” or in the case of the white ones, “boat audio”. Well, whatever, I guess.

It’s like calling a cell phone a “cordless phone”. It’s technically correct, but not descriptive enough. If you put something in your car or boat and it’s probably going to be “mobile” at some point.

As far as putting something in your pocket and waltzing around, you’re thinking “portable audio” or “portable electronics”. “Mobile” just means you can move it from one place to another; it doesn’t mean it’s convenient. “Portable” implies you can easily take it with you.

Aw, man! I have been waiting so hard for the Bazooka sale to come back around to snag one of those powered 10" tubes. And now the just have an unpowered. Dagnabit!

Same here. I don’t need the powered 10" right now but maybe for a car purchase later this year.

Amazon Prime has the Bazooka BTA10250D BT Series 10-Inch 250-Watt Class D Amplified Tube for $248.99

As for the other comments on “mobile audio”, run by any car stereo shop and they typically use that term for type of work.