Bazooka Mobile Audio

I have a standard cab 1990 Ford F-150. The previous owner added a simple Sony stereo, which sounds fine but the stock speakers in this truck have very little response to bass, and as a result everything sounds quite tinny.

It seems like one of these tubes would fit behind the bench seat fairly well!

I’m not looking to blow out the windows or set off car alarms, just to get some low end to make the music more enjoyable.

Does anyone know if the passive unit would be sufficient? Or is it worth the extra couple bucks to get the 8" 100W?

The passive unit alone won’t work. The passive units are designed to be used with an additional amplifier, which you don’t have.

I don’t see anything in the description of the subwoofers for included wiring. You may need to buy a wire kit elswhere to hook up the sub.

Thanks! I’m not too familiar with mobile audio, but I should be able to figure out how to set it all up as long as I’ve got basic instructions included.

I bought a 8" Bazooka (self powered) 20 years ago. It still works and sounds amazing to this day.

I believe the only one that comes with all the wires you’ll need is this one:
It’s only 50 watt, but it should do fine for the guy asking about his truck cab. The nice thing about it is, you don’t have to run a power line all the way to the battery. Since it’s relative low wattage, it just taps into the head unit’s power wire. The instructions will give you basic info, but you may still need to look up info about your truck and the Sony stereo to see what color the wires are. Just to verify you know which wires are the constant, ignition, ground, and different speaker channels.

Thanks for the info. I ended up pulling the trigger on the 8" 100W unit and installed it this weekend. As far as included wiring - it came with a wiring harness to fit the bass tube, a few crimp-on connectors, and an inline fuse. I supplied the RCA cable, power line to battery, and miscellaneous other crimp-on connectors.

It was a pretty simple procedure - ran a fused line from the battery to the included wiring harness for the tube, grounded to the seat rail bolt. Then ran RCAs from the sub-outs on the deck (and a line for remote turn on) and mounted it.

It’s definitely way overkill for what I was looking for … I have it on fairly modest settings right now. I may end up moving this into the car and getting a smaller one for the truck. But overall simple installation and seems to work great!