Bazooka Mobile Audio

I thought Bazooka made bubble gum…

They make speakers too???

All I remember is that we used to make fun of the kids in school if they had one of these vs, well, ANYTHING else.

Years later they don’t look so bad, especially the powered ones, if you just need a little more help in the trunk LOL.

35hz low though? Kinda lame.

I remember a friend’s brother had one in his Prelude back in the mid 90’s and it packed a nice little punch.

35hz should be fine. Supposedly humans can’t hear below 20 hz. Depends on the type of music you listen to, really. Rap/hip-hop might have sustained, low notes that drop below 35hz and it would be noticeable. Rock songs should be fine.

Oh it’s noticeable if it’s not there. There’s quite a bit more than rap that hits the low notes these days. Low end on a 6 string bass is 30hz, 31hz on a 5 string double bass… not to mention the synths that hit those lows in the background. I listen to a lot of prog rock, they use a LOT of sound outside the normal sound ranges that really make music come to life past it’s normal “rock” sound. Check out a frequency tester, you’ll see you can hear 20hz just fine :wink:

Now… that said, you’re going to need a larger diameter sub to really present the lower frequencies in any kind of manner, so it’s probably why the smaller 8-10" subs shy away from such low lows.

I’ve had 8’s, 10’s and 12’s in my vehicles over the years. A pair of 10’s is nice, punchy, hard hitting. I currently have a single 12 in my SUV and it does the trick as well.

Noticing the previous comment, My main sub is 13.5 and I tune to around 32hz, however for rock I find that it is not adequate by itself at such a low hz. It sounds good only with the help of high powered 6.5in woofers…

Bazooka is a good brand with a very smart design under their belts. The tube’s shape and forward 20+" port are key to its excellent sound production which rivals a woofer of greater wattage. If I am not mistaken, they hold several patents for this design. I currently own 2 of their 6.5 woofers and can attest to their durability and quality. I would liken the speakers to the better known JL brand, especially after owning both. I would easily recommend one of their bass tubes to someone looking for clean yet powerful punch yet doesnt really want to take up a ton of room or expend alot of effort. If you do decide to invest in one of them, I would spend the extra dollars for the high wattage amplified 8" or 10". They are pretty simple to install. As far as diameter goes… If I were buying these for a car with no existing sub system, I would likely buy the 10" for their versatility and power.