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I hope someone knows, I don’t. Help me out?

Seems like only 10-12 days ago I was posting on Bazooka’s equipment here on Woot Plus…then again during the Mayan Woot-Off…

A triangular subwoofer works like any other speaker. It’s simply a diaphragm that moves air back and forth at a given frequency. Doesn’t matter if it’s round, square, triangle or even octagon-shaped (yes, they exist). The problem we have with these specific triangular subs is that they feature dual 6 ohm voice coils. So in order to get optimal output from ANY amp, you should run them in a trio. Will they literally function singularly or in a pair? Of course. But you’ll be under-utilizing your amplifier (Paying money for power you’ll never be able to pull out of it with that sub configuration).

Here’s a good link to help visualize how multiple DVC subs should be wired. Again, these are dual 6 ohm.

And I’d probably arrange the trio something like this

But plan on making the box yourself, because pre-fab boxes with triangular shaped holes is impossible to find anymore.

The list prices on Bazooka’s website aren’t nearly as high as the list prices shown on woot. Bazooka says $49 for the triangular woofer, woot says $149 for example.

You say they are dual voice coil so you can run them in series or bridged together to change the OHM’s as seen by the amplifier. Also many high quality amps allow you to combine both left and right stereo sides into one signal with which to drive that speaker. The worst part is the triangular shape for the install.

Check this link for just about anything you want to know about speaker wiring for impedance change. Includes calculator.

Triangle speakers are less effective at moving air mass. Their is less surface to move the sound waves. That is a draw back but hey using multiples you can fit more in, but that just cost more for speakers. I favor round, they really can push some sound pressure. Ive had round square and flat fronts and i think the round shape cant be beat. But these are cheap to get some subs in your car. $29 for a 12’ish sub is cheap xompaired to what my Stillwatets cost.

I really need something for little more bass in my Miata. Wonder if an amplified tube sitting behind the driver’s seat would sound like… anything?

Alright wooters help me out!

I literally have NO experience with subwoofers.
I know you need an amp, but that’s about it.
I was told to get 2 10" for the trunk of my car, but I don’t know which ones to get (and what type of amp).

Please help me out, haha.

Just start with one of the amplified bass tubes. Even the 8" tube will add a whole new range of bass you’ve been missing. The 10" probably more so. Adding two is more likely to anger neighbors/police/ear doctors…

The amp’d bass tubes are everything you need to add a subwoofer in one box, and the difference is noticeable.

Ampped bade tubes srr great comes with everything you need. Just follow the wiring instructions, easier than nuildimg box and hooking up amps. It will put some thump for in any ride. Unless you want to rattle your neighborhood and get your car broken into these are a great additions for any kind of car or truck with enough room to fit it. And I like the quick removal (wire harness) to take it out if you need the room and pop it back in when your done and have yhe room to fit it back in.

I’m well aware of how to wire multiple DVC subwoofers and/or how to bridge an amp. I’ve been doing it professionally for double-digit years. But I’d like to correct you by saying you cannot bridge a subwoofer. Your wiring options, as with anything in the electronics field, are series or parallel. Your chosen configuration will alter the impedance presented to the amplifier. This, in turn, alters how the amp operates in terms of power output, stability, heat generated, etc. And any amplifier with two or more channels can be bridged together. It’s doesn’t have to be some special “high quality amp”. While this does allow you to use the power from both channels to drive a single load, it sacrifices stability. That’s why the 4 ohm rule of thumb is in place. No lower than a 4 ohm load to any amp while running in bridged mode. So if you’ll note, it takes three of these dual 6 ohm subs to make a 4 ohm final load. It also takes three to make an even 1 ohm load for a monoblock amp.

As was stated, these subs are a bit less effective at pushing air than other shapes. It’s just an inefficient design. But at 29 bucks a piece, it’s tough to complain.

I’m well aware of how to wire multiple DVC subwoofers and/or how to bridge an amp. I’ve been doing it professionally for double-digit years.
(( Congratulations on your double-digit years. I started out in 1968 in a small shop I owned called Ohio Auto Sound and I was 18 years old at the time.))

But I’d like to correct you by saying you cannot bridge a subwoofer.
(( How true! Sorry about that my wife is my proof reader for all my books and class materials I have generated over the years and when I am on sites like this my implied meaning or choice of words is not always correct.))

(( the rest of the info you supplied could have come right off the pages I supplied you in the link in my original post on this subject.))

The 4 OHM rule of Thumb is a good one to have especially if dealing with cheap amps. I never made it a habit to dealt with cheap amps since they are made with inferior parts which lead to a early demise.

If you ever have any questions on Auto stereo amps etc. go to the site I posted and to the additional links provided there. Some students find the books available a very good choice just in case you have a helper who wants to learn the biz. Also the down-loadable tone generator is one of the better ones available. Lets face it you cannot install a quality sub system without one.

As a side note to the WOOT folks. I would like to congratulate you all for getting all my stuff here before Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy WOOTING.

I was just wanting to know where the free down-laodable tone generator was. What web site. And also where the site is for your books. Congratulations on the time you have spent in the audio field. Thanks in advance if you are able to answer me.