Pump up the volume! Anyone know if these go up to 11? :slight_smile:


Anyone know how easy this is to install? I’m guessing since it is designed for quick removal that wiring is relatively simple as well?

I have some car stereo install experience years ago on my high school ride but it’s been forever.


From everything I’ve read, seems it is just one wire for power, one for ground and one to the head unit. Seems pretty simple; immortal last words I know…


installation manuals on the official site:


$299.95 on Bazooka website.


Can anyone tell me which is better, the 10" tube or the 8" 250w tube? I’d rather have crisp, clear base than booming. Thanks!

I actually do have a subwoofer that goes to eleven. We don’t turn it all the way up for fear of structural damage to the house. :S


No, installation on these guys is gonna be a tad more complicated. You’ll need a box to put them in and an external amplifier to feed them with.

The installation of the tubes is pretty simple, not so much for ‘bare’ subwoofers.

Edit: I see that all of the ‘discuss this’ links point back to this one forum thread. Depending on how you get here, either of us is correct.


Crisp sound comes with a smaller speaker. If you compare the same speaker across the same product line, the smaller speaker will ALWAYS be “crisper”, but you loose volume. With that being said, Bazooka makes a good speaker and the sound quality between the two is going to be negligible. One thing to note, the 10" sub on this site is not amplified, you’ll need to get an external amp. The 8" sub has a built in amp. I have a 10" 250w amplified in my truck… great speaker.


In the product specs the 10" subwoofer is listed as having a built-in amplifier -


These are a pretty good buy for the Bazooka. If you buy any of the 100W amplified speakers. The fast wiring harness that it comes with becomes a breeze. All you have to do is access the existing wiring from your factory stereo and tap those wires. Very easy and without the need to wire specifically to the battery. Also I noticed one comment on which speaker to go with. I had the 8" 100w. It was great until I wanted something really with alotta bass. If you are looking to fill in your lows. Its perfect. If you want some more physical thump and to have it loud and clear. While not being muddled. Your best bet is to get one that has more power or get your own set up. On Crutchfield I purchased one of their bass packages and I am thankful I bought one.


I’m thinking of buying the 5.25in component speaker set listed here, but the specs aren’t as nice as the set I was considering. I don’t mind that, because I’m just replacing the stock speakers in my car. I just want to know that these will be noticably better. does anyone have experience with these? I can’t find any reviews at all!


The same component speaker set is $10 less on ebay…


They are 10% CHEAPER on Ebay. Check it out, this is not a deal.


Ive had the same Bazooka tube in my pickup truck for over 10 years now. No complaints about it what so ever. Great tone and still has the ability to bump when needed.


Installation on the ones with a built-in amplifier: Power wire run from the battery (8awg is PLENTY large, even 10awg would work with these), same gauge ground wire grounded to bare metal, remote turn-on wire (blue/white from aftermarket headunits or a simple +12V ignition source if you’re still using the stock headunit) and audio signal in (RCA outputs from aftermarket headunit, RCA outputs from a line-output converter tapped off the factory speakers, OR speaker wire ran directly to the high-level inputs on the Bazooka harness).

Installation of those that DO NOT have an amplifier built in (passive): An aftermarket outboard amp will be required to be purchased as well. Power from the battery, ground, remote-turn on and signal inputs will all run to your aftermarket amp. Then it’s simple speaker wire from the amp to the Bazooka tube.

All in all, these are great little units. I HIGHLY recommend getting the powered versions. Clean, simple installation. Very quick removal too (In case you need extra room for luggage or if you race).


Yup $44.99 buy it now and free shipping from a 100% positive feedback seller and list as more than 10 in stock…Not a deal woot…


Not here to comment on the deal, but I did want to be on record as saying that I think the name “Johnny Gotyeseed” is hilarious.


If you wanted something that’s sold out, worry not! We’ll see all these items again on Woot.Plus next month…


Well got the 10" 100w tube with the fast connection. I came in the mail yesterday. Trying to install now, not having the easiest time doing so, but it is going in a Saab 9-7x and nothing with that vehicle is easy to do. So cannot comment on the performance of it yet. But out of the box seems to be solid built and decent documentation. Will comment once I get it running to let all know how it goes.