What are the chances his name is Joe?

Sure to gum up any tank!


Wow! This is a great shirt. Good job shirt.woot

Hey Joe, how about a piece of gum?

wait… Just how big is that bubble?

Hehe…this shirt should be 5 cents in keeping with the spirit of the reference.

Oh, and for those who don’t get the reference:

We would’ve caught bin Laden a lot quicker for sure if we had had these things. Dang.

Nice…a woot pun shirt where you don’t have to know the title of the shirt to get the joke!


I was saving so much money with all the shirts lately, then this had to come up!

//smashes face into wall repeatedly


(in for one)

This is printed on a turtleneck, right?

Hate to burst your bubble but that shot’s a little sticky…

Did you know Bazooka Joe is the next Mickey Mouse? This guy seems pretty convinced.

“We call this color: Olive Camouflage”

Actually, the uniform color is called olive-drab (when we’re not fighting a desert war).

Whoa. This goes deeper than I thought.

From G.I. Joe

to Bazooka Joe

to Bazooka Bubble Gum

to Bazooka (weapon)

and back to Bazooka from G.I. Joe.

It’s an infinite loop!

The soldier might make a bigger bubble standing up. That bubble’s dangerously close to those spiky-looking plants.

Its possible this man is insane!

Wow, this made me squeal like a little girl, which probably disqualifies me from getting this shirt. Dang.

As a bonus, the giant bubble doubles as a sort-of parachute when you fall over a cliff or out of a plane.