Tell us all about Bazooka!


I got the complete bass kit for $99 last time it was up for sale for my old commuter 1990 corolla and i will say it defiantly was money well spent, its not super bassy but for the price it defiantly made the sound in that car MUCH better


Ran a pair of these for years and they are very good quality bass


I got the $99 50W the last time it was for sale. Perfect for filling in the lows, and VERY easy to install. well worth the $100 for your ride.


These may sound ok in a car with a fully enclosed cabin but I have to wonder how only 100w of power to a 8" sub is going to sound in a boat. Boats are loud, and open and require a lot of power to enable the lower frequencies to travel to its occupants effectively, especially while underway.


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Wow! Had a pair of 6 1/2" Bazookas in my Suzuki Samurai. That was 20 years ago! Didn’t know they were still around.


An amplified tube sub. Not to be confused with the Acoustic Tube Sub.
Getting my son for Christmas and know nothing about speakers. What is the difference??


Don’t know exactly what you mean by “Acoustic Tube Sub” specifically… but these bazooka tubes are offered in two flavors. Amplified and passive (or non-amplified). The amplified ones have an amplifier to drive the subwoofer built right in. The passive ones will require a separate outboard amplifier to be purchased. Odds are you’re buying this for the cleanliness and ease of installation. So it really only makes sense to purchase the amplified version. There’s NO way you could purchase a separate outboard amplifier for less than the price difference between the versions offered here. Let alone install it as cleanly.


As a professional mobile electronics installer, I’ve had my hands on many of these. Though I have to be honest… Bazooka is known for mediocre quality industry wide. But these tubes really are a solid deal for someone just looking to round out the bottom-end in their music. They’re small, cheap, easy to install and are super quick to remove in case you need your trunk space back temporarily (for luggage, etc). And the output you’ll get from them will surprise you. Even the 10" 100W version will probably be enough for anyone other than a bass-hungry teenager. The quality and amount of output really can’t be beat for the price being offered. The cleanliness and speedy characteristics are just icing on the cake.

Installation is going to require you getting power from somewhere. The 100W version probably only pulls about 4-5 amps under normal conditions. Though professionally I could never recommend this, you could honestly tap that onto a cigarette lighter circuit and not have any problems. Ground to bare metal in the trunk and then splice the speaker wires from your rear speakers into the speaker leads on the tube for signal. The 250W version probably pulls 14-15 amps under normal conditions. That I’d say would require power run directly from the battery. Ensure a fuse (20A) is placed inline 18" or less from the battery terminal.


Bought the camo 6.5 speakers for my truck last time they were on. For the price, the quality is dang good. Nice heavy duty speaker cover that can take some beatings by boots as they are in the lower part of my door panel. Lets hope these last longer than my Polks I originally had in there.


These are alright, but not the most reliable. At least, the amps they use arent. I assisted my father installing an 8inch powered Bazooka in the back of his 2001 Explorer Sport, and it sounded alright but popped a transistor after a very long drive. Simple fix, but the transistor was completely destroyed and we couldnt find a wiring diagram online so we could not repair it (now the sub is part of my home theater and the built in amplifier is in the trash). After doing a lot of searching, we found a “DUB Mag Audio DUB8AT” by Audiobahn on ebay or something, for cheaper than the Bazooka. I talked my dad into jumping on it. When it came, we were pleasantly surprised. Although the “grill” is fairly gaudy, the finish on the sub is very nice. Instead of raw material like the Bazookas, it has like a fake leather wrapping all around. And the sound, the sound is MUCH better than the Bazooka was. I cant remember if it was louder or quieter, but quality was higher. So, I suggest comparing the competition before jumping on a Bazooka tube


do not put these special more often?