Loud and proud or meek and weak? Throw down on these speakers below.

$70 on, if the same as it appears.

Is Tom York the bootleg tribute band version of Thom Yorke? Only plays country remixes of early 90s-era Radiohead B-sides? (Did i just come up with something here?)

Gah. As if your obnoxious loud pipes weren’t obnoxious enough, now everybody stuck behind your slow butt in the canyons for 20 miles has to hear your appalling taste in music, too?

Do yourselves (and me) a favor - skip these and buy an in-helmet bluetooth headset. You get music AND an intercom to chat with your fellow loud-slow-bike-riding pirates. Sena’s SMH-5 ( is cheap and works amazingly well even through a set of earplugs.

Tom York? Seriously? Ugh.