BBC Innovations Luxury Rain Showerheads

Is the only difference between the Oasis 700-S and Oasis 700-SSL the LED lights? They seem relatively the same other than the LEDs.

Yes, but that’s really cool! :slight_smile: If only I had a little more scratch…

Other than the LED lights, the SSL is stainless steel and the S is ABS.

How does the LED look after the shower head has been used for a while & hard water has built up? We have some really hard water and if the LED part looks like crap after the first few weeks of use, then this might not be worth it.

What powers the LEDs?

If this is like other shower heads with the silicone nozzles, they keep themselves pretty clean.

The website ( states that the power is self-generating, so it probably runs off of a small turbine that uses the flow of water.

If you have hard water then naturally over time the nozzles may develop build up, luckily the nozzles are rubber and can easily break lose any build up. The lights dont actually allow water to flow through them so you wouldn’t see any build up like that.

Anybody know the flow on these? Water restricters easily removed?

Their website says this:
“Limited to 2.5 gpm (9.5 L/min) Max at 80 psi”

Amazon reviews indicate the LEDs are in an ‘X’ pattern, which is hard to tell from the images provided. Just an FYI.

woot, my picture does not look like the stock one you posted. i would have not bought it if i know what i know now.

I bought two… They are also loud. I think it is the sound of the turbine or whatever it is that powers it with the running water. Annoying and will likely be taken down. I’ll replace with another model though as I added a 15" shower arm to accommodate rain effect.