BBC Life 4-DVD Set

WHY WHY WHY the Oprah narration and not the Attenborough narration??

Yep, if it was the original Attenborough-narrated version, I’d be in for 3.

Apparently with this DVD set, not only do you have to listen to an “Americanized” version of the narration (different script), but according to the Wikipedia entry for this series, “each episode was curtailed in length to accommodate commercial breaks”.

Thank you, no.

Hence the bargain price. The original is still selling on 'zon for 3x the price on BRD. Well worth the price to upgrade, AFAIC.

Series is awesome with either Oprah or Atenborough. Worth every penny of $7.99!!! Great gift item

Nope. Sorry, nakcd. I need Attenborough. Oprah does not equal Attenborough.

This is on netflix for much cheaper, and Attenborough. The making of it is also on there, and some of them are fairly interesting (also Attenborough).

Will this come water damaged? Looks like it’s in water in the picture.