BBC Life 4-DVD Set

I have started watching the original “Life” series on Netflix streaming, and it’s truly amazing. The cinematography is incredible-- it’s difficult to imagine how some of the camera angles of the action sequences were achieved (or even possible). It’s as if the cameras and operators were so perfectly camouflaged as to be invisible to the animals being filmed. And of course, David Attenborough’s classic narration ties it all together, as no other could.

Not sure I would be able to sit through this, though, with a different narrator, even though the price of this DVD is certainly worth it to see the cinematography.

This is the same price on Amazon today, and ships free with Prime. Woot, you are not the same wonderful treasure site you used to be. Sigh.

Loved the series,but Oprah definitely sours the deal for me. She sounds like she’s narrating to 2nd graders. David Attenborough is a legend and should have never been replaced with a dumb down narrator.

^this! (I agree)