BBCode formatting

I can’t seem to get some of the BBCode formatting to work. It just shows the tags instead of applying the format.
Specifically, size and underline.

Underline test

[size=12]Size test[/size]

Anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

I got these codes from the Formatting Guide right here on Woot…

I’ve never had any luck with underline, size, or colored text formatting. bold and italic work fine. maybe they have them disabled

They don’t work. Each site can pick and choose what codes they want to enable.

I’ve documented the working codes in Screaming Monkey’s Guide to Posting

I haven’t updated it to include [font] but that works as well. It has to be a standard installed font. For example, TEST

See reply to see the codes.

once you go arial black you never go back.

The formatting guide is a generic html doc that any site using BBCode can post. It is up to the individual site to decide the components that they will allow to be used. In the case of woot, most of the formatting options appear to be turned off.

I was afraid that was the case.

I guess I could see turning off color and size so that people don’t post with huge or obnoxiously colored text…but no underline? I just thought that was odd. l o l

Thanks for the link, daj59…I didn’t know about the font tag.

The size was my fault. We used to be able to change the size.