Surprisingly charmed, much like my reaction to the droid referenced.

Jeepers creepers, so many beepers.

Haha! Awesome. Got a kick when I saw this in the movie, so I’m really tempted. Haven’t been tempted by a shirt in a while.

If this was orange and white to match the droid I would be more likely to buy. Still awesome though

I wish Woot would give a reference/context for the designs.

It’s “cute” when you see a shirt that YOU get, but I’m often left wondering if I should buy a shirt as a gift. They’re loosing out on sales because of this - I buy a lot of shirts for my kids, husband, cousins, etc.

e.g. - Is that a Firefly shirt? John and Jane love Firefly! Should I buy this shirt?

I guess I’m just dumb, I don’t get it.

It’s a reference to a scene in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. It’s the way BB-8 gives a thumbs up.

The reason it is blue is to match the Like button on Facebook.

I like it.

Do you think it’s possible they can’t directly reference what the shirt relates to due to copyright laws/etc?

You mean you beep it. :wink:

I totally missed the Facebook reference. Thank you.