BBQ Griddles 'N Thermometers 'N Stuff

How can you have a BBQ Thermometer that only reads up to 212 degrees F?

edit: If you’re sticking this in your meat to gauge its temp I guess this is fine - I was thinking more of gauging internal grill/bbq temp for which to cook at. Nevermind me.

No way this can be the right price.

I think it’s too expensive at $40 at Sam’s Club! $350? Really?

if you’ve got a link to some of the lower prices, please post them. we want to keep our prices competitive, but we need to compare apples to apples.

The griddle mentioned is

  1. A different brand and
  2. Smaller

Though given the enormous difference in prince, I think I’d rather go with the Sam’s model, too.

It’s significantly smaller. The Little Griddle has almost 510 sq in of cooking surface while the linked SizzleQ only has 230 sq in. That’s almost 2.25x difference!

Plus I think there’s a huge difference in construction given the SizzleQ is 9.5lbs and the Little Griddle is about 35 lbs. One is probably made a lot better and will last longer but I’m not sure how often you’ll use something so heavy.

the griddle on sale here today has 412 sq in of cooking area, according to the specs.

I have both the Party Griddle-Q and the Sizzle-Q referenced by other posters. They are both made by the same company and both are durable and work extremely well.

The key differences are:
Griddle-Q is 30" W x 17" D x 8" H
Sizzle-Q is 18" W x 13" D x 3" H

Griddle-Q is 12 gauge 410 stainless steel.
Sizzle-Q is 14 gauge 430 stainless steel.

Griddle-Q lifetime warranty
Sizzle-Q 1 year warranty.

I use the Sizzle-Q for camping or small meals and it takes up about 1/2 of my 6 burner Weber Summit grill. The Griddle-Q I use for larger crowds and it takes up all of the real estate my grill has. But they are both tough and take any beating that you can throw at them.

Excellent analysis! Thanks heaps!

I don’t know about you, but on my big gas grill if I had to hold a thermometer a few inches above the steaks for 8 seconds to measure their temperature I’d be past singed and well into burned. As it is with a long metal probe and cable, I can only stand it for a second and even then I usually use a glove to insert and then remove later.

So… are there any homebrewers here who might have an opinion of using a “party beverage cooler” as a fermentation chamber?

Do the egg rings fold for easy storage?

I saw this and I immediately thought “sweet rolling kegerator!!!” Depending on what the exact inside dimensions are, with some easy mods, this could just about fit a 1/2 barrel or 2 cornies of home brew.

And yeah, this would be great for lagering.

Further, it’s best to learn how to tell when a steak is done by feel. And anything more than medium is a waste of meat.
IMO, a thermometer for a BBQ is for like a roast, or a chicken or a whole bird, etc… These could be safely held into the thigh of my turkey on thanksgiving for my Weber kettle or gas.