BBQ Thermometer & Firewire Flexible Grilling Skewer Bundle

Can you use it in the oven too?

Previous Woot for the thermometer

and the skewers

I’d take the batteries out first.

Firewire is quiker n’ USB.

Too bad iPods don’t use Firewire anymore or else I’d be all over these. I wanna spice up my meat with some music.

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Got the skewers last time , and no doubt they’re better than wood skewers, especially for marinading. Now I’m questioning the point of kabobs: different foods cook at different speeds. Result is that some things are overcooked, some undercooked. Plus, it’s a pain getting food off the skewers.Seems to
make more sense to grill things separately and let people cut them up for themselves on their plates.

oh damn cant beat it for the price especially considering previous Woot prices I think Woot is being quite generous for this deal.

Some kabob/skewer recipes:

Skewers and Kabobs

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more from Reader’s Digest

Exactly the conclusion from the Sept/Oct issue of Cooks Illustrated. Cook your all meat kabobs over direct heat and all veggie ones over indirect heat. Serve off skewer. I gave it a try and it works well. And way better than getting that crunchy raw piece of onion in your kabob.

Kabobs are great, but first you should blanch the veggies and put a little mushroom on top. Red, yellow and green bell peppers make for an exciting meal. Then get the lamb , chicken or steatk whatever you prefer…they look nice with pita bread on the side with grill marks on them.

Maverick makes good thermometers. I have used them many times, and I have many friends that swear by them, as well. We use them with our barbeque pits more often than anything else, but I also use mine with my kitchen oven.

All the voice reminders really are nothing to get excited about. A simple beep would be fine to let me know I hit my target temperature. The rest of the voice features are just gimmicky.

To answer the question, above: yes, you can use them in your oven, but only put the probe portion in. Do not put the part with the digital readout in your oven!

Just so you know, if you are rough with the probe portion or use it in very high heat (500+F or close to a fire source), the it will wear out, and you will start to get bad temperature readings. However, that is the case for any product like this. Just be a little careful with the probe. Just in case, test it periodically to make sure it is still reliable. It should read 32F in ice water and 212F in boiling water (at sea level or thereabouts).


In for 1, i’ve been wanting these skewers for sometime now, i’m happy to get it with a thermometer, plus i used my serendipity coupon and saved on shipping

Regarding the note that the skewer tips stay “cool to the touch”. Part of the instructions that come with the skewers state that you must hange the skewer tips off/outside the grill after first positioning them. This, of course, would keep anything cool to the touch if it isn’t over the fire. A little inconvienient since you cannot completely close your grill cover.

I was able to resist these separately through the last several W00T offerings, but now together? I cant give them my 29.99 fast enough.

Bought both of these when they were selling solo during the summer. Very happy with both!

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