Be A King with Baking

Share your favorite holiday baking and fast cleanup tips. Also, how does the Cuisinart ASB-6WT 6-Piece Bakeware Set stack up to some of the other ones out there?

I would jump on this if there were more shapes of Nordic Ware pans included…

like Holiday Loaves

Holiday Trees

Harvest Bites or Floral Bites

Basket Cakes

Cathedral (my personal favorite

I could really go on and on. They have tons of cool, whimsical designs that would be great for parties, but that I can’t afford to spend $50 each on.

I hope to someday see some of those more fabulous designs here on woot.

Awesome suggestion!

Aw, man! I missed the stainless steel jellyroll pans! I’m excited to see that woot was selling them though.

Dang, I was wanting to get the 9" round cake pans but was waiting to see if I heard anything back from woot support about a previous order. Why does the good stuff have to sell so fast?!

Fairly limited quantities often are a common feature of woot plus sales.

In the meantime, when did you mail support? It usually takes them a business day or two (24-48 hrs, M-F) to reply.

Not a big deal at all, I was just thinking that they wouldn’t be gone quite THAT quickly. As for the support email I had procrastinated about sending it so I didn’t do it till this morning.

Okie, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t like “two weeks ago and I am forever bitter”. :slight_smile:

Who knows, they might come around again. :slight_smile:

Use your magical powers and make sure they come around again when I am able to purchase them :wink:

Is the cusineart set any good?

really have no experience baking, but wanted to start make use of our oven a bit more.

I don’t have this set but the specs sound decent, especially for the price. Don’t let baking intimidate you – it’s just like cooking except that you have to be precise. No “dash of this, handful of that,” but measure and time carefully and you’re all set. And just like cooking, even if it doesn’t come out just right, it’s usually edible :wink:

I don’t have this set, either, but it does look pretty good. I’d probably buy it if I needed any of this stuff.

While it’s true that baking cakes and other things requires following recipes pretty rigidly, other things like bread you can mess around with. And it’s true that, while what you get if you mess up won’t be pretty or what you expected, you can still eat it.

Just never forget the salt, even if it’s a quarter teaspoon!