Be A Team Player For Once



What’s your sport?


All of them, just not good at most of them. I’ll be curious if Texas buys out the Jeremy Lin basketballs now that he’s in Houston and played well last night.


Falling. That’s why I’m torn on the wristbands. I think they might screw up my game.


Unfortunately you could have gotten TWO of the volleyballs for $12.99 just a few days ago…


Oh, and don’t get people started on the PowerBalance wristbands…


I own a few Ogio backpacks and they are very durable, have lots of compartments, and are generally pretty expensive, so $30 is a great deal.


Well someone had to go there. :wink:


Lin Knicks gear and powerbalance bracelets? Where’s the legitimate sports equipment?


I can’t see these without laughing. I was at a gun show in Alabama a couple years ago when a… local… tried to sell me on them. When he said “somethin about dem holograms…” I couldn’t hold back a small laugh anymore. I’m not sure if it was ‘holograms’ being spoken with that accent, or the concept itself that was making me laugh more.


OGIO is well known in the golf world. They make great stuff.
Known for quality and function.


I can attest that the power balance bracelets work. I have owned a bracelet and worn it every day since 2009. I actually sold them in my retail store and believe they work. At first when I heard about them I was in disbelief until I was given the three tests to see if it worked on me - balance, strength, and flexibility. I was blown away! Before I purchased the bracelet I would slice the golf ball to the right every time while teeing off. Ever since I purchased it I haven’t had that trouble at all. This is a great deal as they usually retail for $30 a piece! They also look cool and for $8 for 2 bracelets you can’t go wrong!


In case you’re wondering, the 29" basketball is the NBA regulation size. 22" is children’s size and is classified at “size 3”. “Recommended for small children (age 5-8).”


I’m not going to argue that you’re better, the debate is whether it’s a placebo effect. When the company selling it admits there’s no proof,…


I realize that Power Balance went bankrupt after all this and there is a legitimate argument that they work or not…I can tell you that I sold many to my customers and they were happy with the product and the test in fact did work on them. I was in disbelief when I first heard of it too until it worked on me. I did the placebo test on my customers and had them close their eyes as I put on a bracelet without the hologram and it didn’t have the same effect as the one with holograms. Just saying I saw a difference with many people and I believe they work. I guess if you are doubting they work, you can’t go wrong for the price on woot! :slight_smile:


I made the mistake of buying the 2-pack volleyballs last time. These are NOT composite leather and are shiny plastic, has stitches showing, the bladder moves so after time the hole to fill it won’t line up, and… Wait for it… My two have been air up for about a week and are still not even round!

I would say these are for display only… Except they aren’t round…