Be a Woot Writer for a Day!!!!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

  • Just me and a microwave Marie Callender’s pot pie in my basement bunker
  • An intimate meal limited to household family members only
  • A small gathering of 10 or less, outdoors, with plenty of social distancing
  • A festive occasion with lots of family, friends, and COVID…Lots of COVID.

This Girl. Because why?
Well, It’s me. So. Hi!
You know I gots rhythms & rhymes
made up on a dime…
What else do you need?
Except buzzy wine.
If you wanna spit
Who else would you call?
but the craziest Wooter of all?
We all know who that is…
Unless it’s Noob’s Quiz.
Well then,
I’ll just lotion my feet
and paint my toes pink…
'Cuz ya’ll really stink.

How’s that for
We all know there are few
who WOOT would read
and pretend that they need
anyone other
than monkey’s bald brother.
Why not,
Him or her,
We truly are sure,
Words are too pure
Like a clear water shore.

I’ll keep coming back
even though I am whack,
but the friendships indeed
are much more my speed
and after all…
isn’t it all about me?

However, In case,
you need PR space,
then I am your girl,
with a twirl and a whirl.

Other than that,
for tit and for tat,
I shall remain,
The girl with Real Game.

Or, I’m just tired
and pretend I’m admired
That’s mostly the case
Since I’m mostly on base.

But if you need a quick quip
my phone’s on my hip
so don’t hesitate,
I won’t make you wait.

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Oil changes for your car?

  • Strictly dealership
  • One of those little quickie places
  • DIY
  • Ah … that something I’m supposed to be doing?

Favorite secular holiday?
• New Years
• Valentine’s Day
• Fourth of July
• Thanksgiving
• None of the above

So glad I read this today, it made my day! Yay! Thanks, Woot!



Peanut butter and…

  • jelly

  • banana

  • honey

  • an ambulance ride due to a life-threatening allergic reaction

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Current doorbell situation:

  • 1 bell, standard chime
  • 1 bell, video-based
  • 3 bells, none of which work… thanks woot