Be My Chum

ha! i love it!

I dont’ get it.

But I don’t wanna… :frowning:

Epic shirt, very nice!

I’m gonna need a bigger shirt.

A little late for Shark Week 2010, but it’s never to early to prepare for Shark Week 2011.

I mean, you know that the sharks are plotting it right now…



Dadum dadum…

Dadum dadum…


You know the rest.

haha love the bio!:smiley:

Congrats on the EC DianaSprinkle!:slight_smile:

That shark looks stuffed. To the gills.

I would but I’m a bit of a fair-weather bucket of guts.

Chummy the Shark, cousin of Fudgie the Whale!
Available for birthday parties!

Congrats Diana! :slight_smile:

Whoooooooooooooooooooo lives in the ocean and will kill you with glee??

It’s a type of fishing where you throw chum (random fish parts) into the water to attract other fish or sharks for you to capture.

That font seems more popular than sharks these days.

Did you know that sharks lose and re-grow over 1,000 teeth a year? I’m not sure if it’s true, but a children’s book I read last week included that fact, so maybe.

Congrats Diana. This is a hoot!

deadliest catch

I can’t help but see “Nessie” from Mario 64 and shutter.

YES! YES YES YES! :smiley:

I thought this had no chance of printing!

AND IT’S ON MY FIRST WOOT BIRTHDAY TOO!!! :smiley: I’ve been a wooter for one year! :slight_smile:

I got one! I GOT ONE!

Thank you, shirt.woot staff!

Happy Draug is happy!