Be Nocturnal

Every time an Alex Solis shirt is printed, an angle plays the air guitar.

Awesome awesome awesome +300!

Now that’s black coffee.

I’m a huge Alex Solis fan. I very much like this design. However, I don’t think it’s for me. I’m not a big coffee drinker and I’m not crazy about the size of the print.

That being said, I think this will sell pretty damn well.

ponders just how many animals make up a Trenta sized coffee?

Oooh, I love coffee and nocturnal critters, so I moth have this shirt. Racoon owl be buying it eventually, bat I’m not sure I can spare the $10 right now.

Heh heh, is this trail mix coffee?

I predict brisk sales of this one during these insomniatic overnight hours.

-Hello, today’s blend is “Witches Brew”
-I’ll take a Mothca and a Raccucino instead, please.

Later edit: Owww. I just read what I wrote. I have never seen so many badly forced puns in one spot. Kudos to spilzer for being awesome.

wouldn’t the coffee wake you up & make these night ghosts go away?

Well, it looks like the pun supply has been exhausted for the night. Well played, sir.

The last time coffee did that, I was screaming trying to get the 50 foot mushrooms to stay away. Or was that last monday…

I love the smell of coffee, but I hate the taste.

Am I alone in this?

As long as it’s not that cat poop coffee that’s a $100 a cup. Geerkk.

A typo that provokes interesting imagery. Alex Solis’ shirts: Making geometry more exciting and engineering nearly impossible.

Nocturnal is my middle name. Will all the creatures of the night stand up and cheer?

Hmm… Maybe I need a cuppa this joe. I completely missed that there even was a typo.

Angle angels playing air guitar… That right there is the image I’m taking to bed tonight. sigh

Wow I really like it, just bought one!
Would it be possible to have a jpg of it so I can put it on my wallpaper for my nights coding session… :smiley:

What are all the animals in this shirt? Are they all really nocturnal? If so, I might get this one.

Not much for coffee, but I’m regularly up @ 3-5:00am so I think the t would fit…

I would have stopped and crittercized your overuse of the punny but I spilzered hot coffee on meself & had to clean up