Be Our Cupid

Be Our Cupid

pork chop sandwiches!



VOP is an order queue that keeps our servers from crashing. A small number of orders go straight through and the rest will go into the queue to wait their turn.

It is possible to come out of the VOP and get a BOC. Do not exit to restart because that puts you at the end of the line.

If the VOP doesn’t kick you out after about 7-8 minutes, you should go ahead and exit.


HAHA I knew that Bullet Coffee was a setup for this


I’m out of the running (got the TTHH one), but it’s fun to see all these anyway!

Of course this pops up while I was in the rest room. I couldn’t wash my hands fast enough!

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On phone, clicked link, went to Amazon/Woot login, then to the VOP.

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Insta VOP. Again.


Voppity, VoP!

Should i be waiting in the vestibule or click back and buy now over and over?

Bar was down to 70% before I got to the VOP, don’t feel like my chances are very good on this one.

Another VOP.
I’ve noticed when I’m in the VOP on a browser it constantly refreshes, but it doesn’t seem to do that on the app. How do I know it’s actually working as designed on the app?


Eep! Got in on the app today without even hitting the VOP. I hardly knew what to do with myself, without a big dreamcatcher to stare at for a while…

Never, ever go back.


You should wait. Going back resets your place in line.

Looked away for 4 minutes, even though I had a feeling that it was coming up.


Told you I’d be back XP Clicked it in the app with a split second of it popping up and VOP, not hopefuly again XP Oh well still more of the day to go.

Nice I scored one earlier and now my wife has scored her first.

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Doh, stuck in the VOP and looks like its sold out. Maybe next time…


had just signed in again and put a random item in the cart to be sure things were good…they were. Then removed the item and was ready for the BOC when it came. hit the buy now button…and got taken to sign in again. despite having checked the keep me signed in etc. sigh.