Be Prepared for Emergencies!

The LED Lenser dual color flash lights are awesome. Well worth $8. They give a bright diffused light. This is a great boat light too using the red light to read at night while maintaining night vision.

I got the LED flares from the most recent Woot-off. They’re bright and dizzying to use in a dark room or environment, though they’re not exactly the toughest cookies (I already broke one by dropping it). Pack 'em well in your bags when you bring them in your camping bag, boat, or car during that long road trip.

So glad I bought 3 knives on February 19th for 7.99 each. Why the 25% increase in price?

i purchased one of the 33pc first aid kits last time it was offered, a week or two ago - for about $1.50/ea (or $2.33 incl. shipping) it’s not a bad deal. these would be good to hand out to friends or family to keep in their car glove box, i’ve given a couple out already.

the quality is fine and there’s room in there to add a few more bandages and whatnot especially if you repackage the pain relievers yourself (rewrapped in some foil perhaps). i wouldn’t pay anywhere near full price for this but for $9 (or $14 :P) i’m satisfied with the purchase. some basics to keep on hand just in case.

Amazon price for the Grizzly 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag $89.99 prime eligible

Got two last woot off (same price). Great luminosity, diffuse light that goes very far. Awesome if you live in the woods and need a light to go around (not specific for a point, but more diffuse). Well worth 8bucks

Yay my first aid kits shipped already! Now I can start my amateur surgeon career even more quickly.

Low quality but bright.