Be Prepared for Emergencies!

The Dorcy 41-4750 is 39 cents less here on woot over Amazon. Sounds like a steal to me!

And, if you have Prime, you get free shipping where woot’s is $5 more.

so is it 180 lumens or 190 lumens…that is the question.

I got the Light my Fire Lighting Kit last time it was on Woot, and took it out camping in the Catskills last weekend. I didn’t try the tinder stick, but the firestarter produced excellent sparks: I was able to easily light a fire within minutes both nights I was out, even though the ground was extremely humid. There’s no feeling like lighting a fire without matches or a lighter… It’s awesome.
Pro tip: for tinder I used “vaselints” instead of the wood (which might have worked fine, I just didn’t try it). These consist of dryer lint soaked in vaseline… They burn well for several minutes, giving you a good opportunity to get the kindling going.

I picked up a flashlight that claims to be an 85W HID 8500 lumen flashlight. The thing is huge about the size of an adult forearm. I should hopefully have it by next week. I paid $50 for it shipped so I am skeptical but I’ve seen them sell for the $150+ mark so worst case scenario I’ll just resell it.

It appears the yellow 41-4750 model is 180 lumens. On the Dorcy web site they have the flashlight in five other colors, models 41-4751 through 41-4755, and those flashlights are 190 lumens. Weird.

I’ll pass … everyone knows that anything under 184.3 lumens is crap.

Check my math here:

(1 person 2 day kit) + (1 person 2 day kit) = (2 person 2 day kit), right?

Then why does $19.99 + $19.99 = $89.99?

I used to do the same thing with goat’s beard lichen. Dryer lint is a GREAT idea. Thanks!

one set has, what…20 items? and then the 2-person set has 137 items.

so, assume that is part of it.

The heck with survival kits.
Do you have monkeys?

Flying monkeys can be very handy when they fly above the zombies to get my supplies!