Be Wary Of The Waring

This Waring convection oven is great. Have worn out two toaster ovens over 20 years but his is much better

We have the 2 piece toaster and it works well enough for us though the dial is a bit testy. It can be difficult to get the right setting especially when different folks want different levels. The only way to make the toast pop prematurely is to turn the knob to its lowest setting. I would prefer a button so I would not lose my initial setting once I have it the way I want. The sides also get a bit warm but not as bad as the cheap plastic toasters you see college students typically get. If I could find one with a stop/pop button and better insulation on the sides I would buy it over this one, if not then I would buy this waring again.

In case you missed out on the waffle maker:

$75.98 including shipping.