Beach Volleyball

Will now use a word I have never used before - This shirt is adorbs!

oh how I wish the tanks went above XL.

A great shirt for a day at the beach…Or dreaming of a day at the beach.

I need this tank on Saturday for a beach bday party. I’ll have to make due with Visit Outside instead. I am buying this though, for some future outing.

Edit: Ooooh, one day option, yes please. Hoping the non-tee shipping is closer to 3 days to ship than 5. Does begging help? Please, Please, Please!

Heads or tails?

Sweet shirt! I can’t tell from my comp, is the lining around the arms and neck white or yellow?

That’s fun – to look at and probably to do. Perfect summer tank.

Specs say white, but they look yellowish to me too.

This is a very plesiasauring design.

Ah, thanks!

I think it is a tropical illusion caused by the blue of the shirt and the other blue of the design.

I guess playing with yourself meant something else entirely in the Jurassic era.

First real summery shirt this year - and that ringer tank is a perfect match.

OooOOooOh, ringer tank! Fresh design too! :smiley:

I love this! When he scores, I wonder if he claps for himself- :slight_smile:

Three of my favorite things: dinosaurs, volleyball, and tanks! In for one.

With flippers like that, I bet he’s a pinball wizard!

This is a perfect companion shirt to “A day at the Loch.” I actually thought it was the same artist, and had to do more research when it wasn’t included in his shirtstorm. Either way, they both go together pretty swimmingly, pun intended.

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