Beacon 13" Ceramic Grill with Trays and Stand

Be warned - one of only three reviews I found on Amazon (

"ByJD778on August 2, 2016

Disclaimer 1) I did not buy this on I purchased from Amazon’s affiliate site Woot.

Disclaimer 2) I have not cooked on this yet. This is my first impression after unboxing and assembly. I will update once I cook on it.

OK, so first impression is dismal! Fit and finish is atrocious, and quality control is non existent.

I purchased this because I wanted a BG Egg but couldn’t afford one. This was a bargain price so I thought I would give it a try, I went in with my expectations pretty low but even with my low expectations I’m not happy.

The grill seems well packaged, no broken pieces. As I start assembly I notice more and more flaws. The seal around the lower air vent/ash clean out is no where close to making a proper seal which will affect air flow, which will affect temperature control and smoke production. There are many obvious spots where the glazing was improperly applied and it appears to be touched up with some kind of house hold paint. There are glue drips all over the dome, inside and out. I removed the poorly mounted and set thermometer, in order to see if it was accurate; it wasn’t. I boiled a pot of water and used silicon tongs to suspend the temp probe in the boiling water, water boils at 100C, my thermometer was only registering about 91C and as far as I can tell there’s no way to adjust it. The fire box is mis shaped and doesn’t sit flat so the actual grill is lopsided. There’s a big gouge out of one of the side shelves. There is a pungent chemical smell which is being emitted from the dome, I’m hoping this will dissipate after it sits outside for a bit and airs out.

I should have saved up for something better and at this time regret that I didn’t."

Why will this item not ship to California??

Some CA regulation. Google, I reckon. :\

If a product lacks proper disclosure (Prop 65) or exceeds other standards, it can’t be sold in California.

As an example and unrelated to this product, back in 2007, CARB enacted regulations for formaldehyde (a carcinogen) in wood products. Such regulations already existed in many other countries, but not the US. It wasn’t until last year that the EPA made final rulings that would set limits in the other 49 states. As such, it’s possible to find wood products that are “too toxic” to be sold in California, the European Union, Japan, or even China, be legal to sell in the other 49 states.