Beacon 13" Ceramic Grill with Trays and Stand

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Beacon 13" Ceramic Grill with Trays and Stand
Price: $229.99
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Condition: New


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Hmm… looks to me like an eggs-elent deal that anyone could use. You don’t have to be a hard boiled outdoorsman to get upper strata-sphere level results.

You crack me up. Bet you really scrambled to come up with all those puns.

Yeah, when it comes to puns I’m a good egg but I like to stay positive and walk up the sunny side of the street.

Should I get this Beacon contraption or the Big Green Egg instead?

I don’t care for puns in product discussions, but omelette these slide this time…

these would be excellent pizza machines.

I bought the beacon grill a while back from woot. It is small. It will do one chicken, one boston butt, 4-8 burgers… However, it is an awesome cooker and does a great job. I added castors that I ordered from the mothership as it is very heavy.
If you are thinking of trying this type of cooking the beacon is a great starting point.
I’ve reviewed it a couple of times in the past. I always try to chime in as I had an very difficult time finding any info online when I purchased. Buy with confidence. This thing will produce competition level results once you dial in your technique.

I read “Bacon…Grill”

Looks like the hive grill from the Simpsons.

Yes!, No!, Maybe?

Do you want to spend a fortune for a grill with tons of options that will last forever?

Do you want to save a fortune for a grill that performs just as well as the super expensive original but with no long term support?

All of these grills perform
(practically) the same. A brand new knock off performs just as well as a brand new Egg. However in 10, 20, 30 years you will still be able to get parts and a accessories for an Egg. In 5 years if this grill has a problem you will throw it away and buy a new one. Which you can afford to do with the money you saved.

The Egg is a long term investment. This is a short term awesome deal.

To sum up, if you are 70 you can afford to buy an Egg but should really buy this knock off. If you are 20 you really should buy an Egg but all you can afford is this knock off.

Hope this helps!!


I own 2 eggs and absolutely LOVE them to death. Ceramic grills are amazing.

This particular grill is tiny. It’s the same size as the BGE MiniMax. I have a small and that feels too small for me, but this is possibly more portable.

Here’s about what you could cook: 12-pound turkey, 4 burgers, 1 chicken vertically, 2 steaks, or 1 rack of ribs.

It’d be tight, but that’s what the MiniMax can handle so this would be similar. Not a family grill, but okay for singles or maybe a second side grill.

Does anyone know if the legs to this unit are steel or cast aluminum? Rust is a big problem here in Florida

This is an eggs traordinary deal, now I just need to scramble up some money for this crackin deal.

Surrounded by Poachers!
As slippery as over-cooked EGG noodles!
Enough Yokes…

Personally, it looks like something made from Drones that didn’t sell!

Works pretty well. Although this is a generic version of the Kamado Joe or the Big Green Egg.

Epic thread! This grill would be perfect for singles or a couple. Ideal for those living in an apartment as its small yet sturdy.

The nest/stand portion of mine is painted steel.