Beacon Ceramic Grill with stand, Red or Black

I purchased this from woot about 1 month ago when it was listed previously. It arrived well packed (I had heard horror stories of the inner bowl being broken during shipping with the kamado joe, not this one) and in less than 2 weeks. It looks to be very similar to the kamado joe jr. except it doesn’t come with the heat deflector and accessories the joe does, but for less than half the price I can resolve that. The only issue I have found is it is very hard to smoke larger tough meat specifically getting the inside tender w/o drying out the exterior. I have used an offset smoker which requires more monitoring and adjustment but I have yet to get as juicy and smoky of a finished product with this, I’ll keep adjusting and maybe get there. It stays at 250- 300 degrees for long period, but my meat is coming out dry, not sure if it’s the smaller size, I’m going to try a water pan next time. It works great as a grill and gets to 600 degree’s very easily. I have cooked burgers and steaks at 300 degrees and they came out nice juicy with smokey flavor.

As a whole good purchase, but makes a better grill for burger and steaks than smoker for pork butt or brisket. Cause, if you don’t know now you know.

You just answered every question I had… Thank you so much!