Beaks of Cardinals

Beaks of Cardinals

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Bam first sucker!



Literally here… neglecting my work, mentally checked out, clickin this AS FAST AS POSSIBLE and I cant get past the waiting room.

Finally right threw after 15 ques on multiple devices.

Finally got one, but I was in such a rush, I sent it to the wrong address!

Yessssss! I’ve never been so excited for my wife to get pissed at me!! Snagged one finally!


It’s still available…

5th visit to the room today. WHYYYYYY can’t I get a glorious BOC?!

@ThunderThighs Must’ve went to break momentarily.

Got one! woohoo!

now thats funny.

FINALLY got one after being in the room 5 times today

Do we know if this is the last one today>

I got one today finally!

Congrats… I’m in the waiting room… always the waiting room.

Best of luck
~ R

Do you hit refresh while in the vestibule or don’t hit refresh for fear of touching anything may take you out of your spot in line? Oh what to do, what to do?!

I know right another crap box now she no longer will give me grief for the rest of the night.

That was the second slowest selling BoC I’ve ever seen.

Got it woot woot