Beanpad for iPad 2 & Gen 3

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Beanpad for iPad 2 & Gen 3
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I sincerely and honestly believe this is the worst woot item I’ve ever seen. I would hate to be named the first sucker for this.

Product Page:

That case looks like it has a tumor on the back.

-impatiently waiting for a real iPad dock-

Looks like it can’t go wrong with drop protection though.

If my imaginary physics calculations are correct, the bean-bag portion of the case should hit the ground first and surpress the high pressure damage to the screen that is the leading cause of screen cracks.

I’m going to hold out for the stinky Chuck Taylor & petrified gym sock iPad holder.

Can’t I just reuse the beanbag chair I had for my pet rock?

Haha I loved the standard issue, “I’ve never done anything in my life, how do I function? keep me away from sharp objects” you see in every infomercial. Great acting Sean! (Shawn? sorry I don’t know.) Haha Randall always cracks me up too. Great work everyone!

Watch the video in the write up! You won’t be sorry!

One word…silly!

long time wooter/lurker…and first time commenting but…this woot compelled me to come out of the shadows and post…im completely dumbstruck/speechless/flabbergasted/confused/sad.

Agreed that video was hilarious! Suggests other creative ways to use this pillow…I mean “beanpad”.

If I may quote our good friend Monte, “Why does a thing like that even exist?”

Awesome, now I won’t look so silly carrying my bed pillow around with me everywhere.

You’re the first person I’ve met with a 100% Quality Post rate, Don’t mess it up!

Is this Mac compatible? Oh. Wait. Nevermind.

I agree–it was hilarity to the 3rd (or ‘new’) power.

On the one hand there’s Sean in shorts, on the other hand there’s a coat rack stacked with winter coats to the left of Sean’s desk. Which begs the question… did this video take 3 seasons to film? Which begs another question, did monkeys die in the process? If you are a very astute observer, you will notice one very dead screaming monkey on Sean’s desk. Reminds me of the dwarfs who hung themselves in back of the set of Wizard of Oz…

Amazon rates it 3.8 out of 5.

Link to product reviews:

Looks like a decent deal as they are $60 there

uhhh I use a pillow. you can also use the pillow for ipad1, as well as your head.

I’ll sell you one for $100! That makes this an even BETTER deal!!!
(I’ve also got some prime South Florida real-estate you would like. Cash only, small bills, please…)