Bear Knuckles Cowhide Work Gloves

Bear Knuckles Cowhide Work Gloves

Bought a pair of these the last time Woot had these on sale. Used them on a job in my back yard picking up and removing pavers from our patio. The stitching on the fingers of my right hand starting coming apart after 5 hours. Not happy. On the plus side the large size was a perfect fit on my hands. Usually the fingers on gloves are to long but these were perfect.


Bought a pair of these (and one of the winter version) a few weeks ago here on Woot!

Nothing special. They are cowhide work gloves, and nothing distinguishes them from any other, as far as I can tell. I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks, and well, they work, as work gloves; nothing about them tells me they’ll last any longer than any other glove of this type. Fit is a little tight, so if you’re on the edge of the sizing sheet, size up; kind of wish I went with a large as I do with any other glove, rather than go with their sizing guide.