Bear Necessities

After being stuck without phones, internet or TV for a week, I can sure vouch for the wifi part of this shirt. Congrats on the win, SpiritGreen. This winner helps me to “forget about my worry and my strife.” :slight_smile:

I was surprised that this one didn’t get 1st. Congrats!

Ants? What inside joke am I missing?

Such awesome artwork. Well done spiritgreen!

Congrats spiritgreen! My favorite right from the beginning. Love the bear and the overall concept. Well deserved.

WiFi, how bears get through winter binge watching

Perfect shirt for Earth Day :earth_americas: :sunny:

congrats Spiritgreen!!!

Great print!!

Congrats Spiritgreen! Love the style.

Yay! Congrats Spirit Green.

Thanks guys and everyone who voted this to print!

The Jungle Book was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre. It has stuck with me, although I have never tried ants. Not even a few.

Eating ants is a great way to gross out your kids.

Big congrats Spirit - well-deserved win on an awesome and lovable design:)